Systems Integration and Product Development

Product Development

The core of our business is product development – specializing in real-time electronics systems for individual soldiers and civilians. We’re highly active in R&D in electro-optical and infrared based systems. We are experts in laser rangefinders, anemometer-based wind measurement systems, optical wind measurement systems, imaging, image processing, electronics and embedded software. Our work is passed on to the community through our products as well as instructional material which is easy to understand.


We specialize in embedded electronic development, software development, and integration into embedded systems. While the majority of our work is focused on individual soldier systems, we have also dedicated our engineering efforts toward the development of handheld PC’s and networking systems for our warfighters.


nVisti has worked with both the US Military and civilians alike. We utilize Thunder Valley Precision as our training facility located near Kimbolton, OH. Training with nVisti can be arranged for this facility or we can travel to your facility. Training includes a detailed ballistics class, the usage of our products such as the Applied Ballistics Kestrel Weather Meter, RAPTAR-S, and other ballistic computer devices.

Schematic Capture

One of our key strengths is electronics development where size, power, and weight, and performance are of the utmost importance. We work with you to determine the system architecture and determine the required components to achieve your solution.

Board Layout

Once the schematics for the board are agreed upon with the prime contractor, we will design the board to fit within your form factor. We specialize in rigid-flex design to minimize board-to-board connectors and maintain a small form factor.


We work closely with the board manufacturer and board population house to ensure all boards meet specifications. Typically, we develop a small software tool capable of exercising the board to it’s fullest extent in order to verify correct operation at the manufacturer.

Algorithm Development

Many of the systems that we develop require complex algorithms running in a real-time environment. We begin by developing most of our algorithms in a scripting language like Matlab or Python for quick iterations and development and then port to C code for running on the embedded platform.

Embedded Development

Once the algorithms have been developed and verified on a PC, the embedded code is developed to execute the algorithm in real-time. In conjunction with the core components, the system software is developed with the end-user in mind.

User Interface Design

The success or failure of a product is highly dependent on the user interface. We understand this and through our extensive work with warfighers, we develop a simple-yet-intuitive interface for controlling the system.

HW/SW Integration

Our team is comprised of a number of unique individuals with multi-faceted backgrounds in both hardware and software development. Where most projects grind to a halt regarding hardware and software debugging, our team is capable of identifying and addressing issues more quickly than others, saving you time and costs.

Prototype Development

One of the key enablers for a minimal integration time is to have software running already on similar electronics. Our team specializes in the development of prototype boards with the objective hardware running in a breadboard fashion. In this manner, as soon as the final boards are complete, software integration occurs seamlessly.

Cross Product Integration

The true power of any subsystem is realized when it is integrated into a much larger product line. With this in mind, almost all of our products that have been developed are cross-compatible with each other and are capable of sharing data via our internal protocols.

Incredibly Flexible

We take pride in our work and our ability to easily integrate with your team and work style. By developing a close working relationship with your team, excellent results are achieved.

Ultra Responsive

Our objective is to be as responsive to your project as possible. Although we may have multiple projects executing in parallel, we always strive to keep them all moving forward and be extremely cognizant of your technical and schedule constraints.

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