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Tall Target Worksheet

The intent of this worksheet is to assist in calculating a scope correction factor (CF) based on shooting the tall target test at 100 yards. The point is to see if your scope is really giving you what you’re dialing for adjustment. If not, the correction factor is applied to raw ballistic calculations to make up for the error in scope adjustment.

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Understanding the Wind’s Influence

The question about where the wind matters the most is one that is extremely common and one that we’ve received dozens of times. Having studied the wind for a number of years, we’ve compiled this article. It is intended to investigate how the wind’s influence increases with distance, as well as exploring how wind affects the bullet as it moves from the shooter toward the target.

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Using WEZ Analysis to Increase Probability of Hit

Weapon employment zone (WEZ) analysis is a tool that determines how errors in various conditions, such range to target or muzzle velocity, affect the overall accuracy of the rifle. In this article, we start with some basic error assumptions then look at which of those errors contribute the most to system inaccuracy. From there, we identify various devices and kit that can be used to help drive that inaccuracy to a minimum and maximize probability of hit.

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Maximizing Weapon-Mounted Laser Rangefinder Performance through Proper Alignment

For weapon-mounted laser rangefinders, the direct-view optics (presumably a riflescope) are decoupled from the laser rangefinder itself and so it is required that the laser rangefinder be manually aligned by the user. Improper alignment will result in poor ranging capability as well as inaccurate range measurements. Therefore, understanding how to achieve proper alignment is critical and is the focus of this article.

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